Document batch converter

Acrobat 3D-PDF Batch Converter:

A free PDF and 3D-PDF Batch Converter for Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat 3D and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

Office2PDF Batch Converter:

An Office to PDF Batch Converter Addon for Microsoft Office and Visio (Version 2007 and up). Needs no Ghostscript.

txt2pdf Batch Converter:

A simple txt to PDF batch converter which supports different codecs to convert from text files to PDF

Office2PDF Batch Converter 2.1:

An Office to PDF Batch Converter for Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003. Runs with Ghostscript.

Office2PS Python Module:

A free Python win32com module for conversion of Office documents to Postscript.

doc2txt Batch Converter:

A fast and simple Word to txt batch converter.


An intelligent PDF to TIFF Batch Converter

Document converter Server

ServPDF 2:

A web based document conversion server not only for PDF. This web application supports conversion with Microsoft Office 2007, OpenOffice 2.3 or 2.4, CATIA V5, Ghostscript and Python Imaging. Can be simply installed via an installer.

ServPDF for Microsoft Office:

The older version of ServPDF which supports Microsoft Office and uses Ghostscript.

ServPDF for OpenOffice:

A very small web based PDF Converter Server for OpenOffice 1 and 2 – based on the PyUNO API.


A PDF Converter Server, based on Apache/PHP and Microsoft Office.

PDF converter as Windows services


An Excel to PDF Converter as a Windows Service.


A Word to PDF Converter as a Windows Service


A PowerPoint to PDF Converter as a Windows Service.

Dynamic mind mapping tools


Mind map generation of Joomla content structure (content entries, menus, weblinks, newsflashes etc.)

JoomlaLinkmap 2:

Mind map generation of Joomla Weblinks and a Link submission service to websites.


Mind map generation demo of a MySQL Database structure

PHP Dynamic Mind Mapping:

A PHP example for dynamically generating mind maps

PDF tools


A simple to convert colour values of a postscipt file to black/white. Purpose: Preprocessing of colour CAD drawings to black/white before converting them to PDF. Result after Ghostscript conversion to PDF is a very small PDF CAD drawing.

Google tools

DPR-Check und DPR-History

Two tools to collect deep pagerank values into Microsoft Excel and periodically retrieve/sync updated Pagerank values to the excel file.


A dynamic Google Sitemap Script – dynamically creates a sitemap for Google from Joomla/Mambo CMS.


Better Google Desktop Search results by manually adding files from context menu to the index.

Other tools


A tool to collect user activity informations and make interesting charts of collected data

Tab module 3.1:

The tab module from top of this site. The author doesn`t more supports Joomla. Module was rescued to here before his website was closed.

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