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Blosxom – ein Blog in 150 Zeilen Perl-Code

Blosxom (gesprochen “blossom”) ist ein leichtgewichtiges Weblogsystem, welches nur Perl benötigt. Es wird z.B. hier verwendet:!

Hier die Features von der Webseite:

  • Absolutely FREE for the taking!
  • Weblogging in under 15 minutes or your money back 😉
  • Minimal requirements means Blosxom runs just about anywhere.
  • Write from the comfort of your favourite text editor — be it BBEdit, vi, emacs, notepad, …
  • Makes use of all the operating system and Web server beneath its feet have to offer — whether Mac OS X and Apache or Windows XP and IIS.
  • Multiple Weblogs with only one Blosxom installation.
  • Permalinks point to (aka bookmark) a particular story in the context of its posting day.
  • By-day, by-month, and by-year “archives”.
  • Flavour via a customizable template system.
  • Choose between dynamic (on-the-fly) or static (spitting out regular files) rendering of your blog.
  • RSS syndication.
  • Small (<10K in size; <= 150 lines of actual code 😉 and lightweight
  • Intelligent defaults.
  • Minimalist in terms of requirements and know-how, yet feature-packed and infinitely extensible via a powerful plug-in system. The Blosxom Plug-In Registry sports oodles of plug-ins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight.

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